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UO Masters Student


Mt. Arrowhead and Stroud Glacier, Wind River Range, WY - Photo credit: Aly Winkler, 2022

It's me. Hi.

Welcome to my website! 

I am a masters student at the University of Oregon study glaciers and glacial environments.  As part of the Department of Earth Sciences, I am currently conducting research on proglacial lakes and glacial geometry with the Ice-Oceans Lab.

Originally from Minnesota, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. There I obtained a B.S. in Geosciences, worked in the Glacial Research at Mount Rainier Lab (GRAPL), and grew a love for backpacking and running.

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I spend much of my life outdoors in an effort to see and experience new environments. In 2021, I completed the Arizona Trail and then thru-hiked 900 miles of the Continental Divide Trail in summer of 2022. 

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